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Tripod icons, colour bars and wallpapers

Hey guys,

Since I have a day off work today, I figured I'd upload and post some of my stuff. There's 2 wallpapers of Scod and Gatesy (one with and one without a border) and wallpapers of Yon and the group are on the way. I've also got some colour bars of each of the boys in different fonts - I couldn't decide on just one! Group colour bars are also in the works, and hopefully should be done soon, if anyone's interested. I also have icons up of the boys, currently most of them are of Gatesy and some of Yon, with a couple group ones thrown in for good measure... Enjoy.

Tripod bits & pieces

I am thinking of taking requests for icons and colour bars, if there's something you really want, just leave a comment and I'll give it a shot.

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